Sebacia - Acne Treatment with Gold and Laser

Finally... treat your acne without medication


Sebacia Acne Treatment System

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Skin55 Limited and Sebacia have partnered to introduce the exciting new treatment to the flagship Skin55 Harley Street Clinic, London. 

  • Gold microparticles are massaged into the sebaceous glands in the skin

  • Skin is treated with laser to activate the gold particles and modify the sebaceous gland.

  • 3 treatment sessions 1 week apart

  • Free skin products included

  • Dermatologist led treatment

Treatment cost £2000


Dr. Ai-Lean Chew, Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Ai-Lean Chew was the principal investigator for the Sebacia acne study (SEB-0500) based here at Skin55 and is now the lead consultant for the treatment with us. 

  • 20 years experience in dermatology.
  • Consultant Dermatologist at King's College Hospital, London.
  • Extensive international publications and presentations. 

Dr. Saqib J Bashir, Consultant Dermatological Surgeon

  • Extensive experience in acne, scarring and laser dermatology.


I am so pleased I discovered Sebacia. I’m noticing results already. It has had a really positive impact on my skin, how I feel about myself and my confidence.
— SW, Sebacia acne treatment patient
Laser for acne is finally coming of age
— Dr. Ai-Lean Chew, Consultant Dermatologist
Patients prefer to have a drug and medication free treatment, especially for young people and those who have tried multiple acne treatments over the years
— Sr Josephine Millett, Lead Dermatology Nurse
A great option for patients who cannot take isotretinoin (Roaccutane)
— Dr Saqib Bashir, Consultant Dermatologist


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